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Company Profile

Company Profile

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Kaifeng earth agricultural biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company, is set research and development, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, the company was founded in December 2010 with a registered capital of 40 million. The company has 65 acres of land, built in 2011 plant, warehouse, scientific research and public facilities construction area of ​​12,000 square feet, invested infrastructure funds close to 30 million yuan. 2010 total assets of 54 million yuan in 2011 to achieve total operating income of 35.4 million yuan, the total profit of 2.23 million yuan.
The company mainly engaged in agricultural products R & D, production and sales. Now has the original drug allicin, 80% allicin EC and other patented series of fungicides, atrazine and other environmentally friendly herbicides series, matrine bio-insecticide series, pesticide additives and other four categories of more than 90 Variety specifications. Among them, the national patent product 32% zazolone allicin EC since its listing, with its excellent control effect and safety, greatly stimulated the sales, and soon became the company's leading products. September 2011 by the Chinese Chemical Society Pesticide Professional Committee as the Chinese pesticide enterprises in 2011 to grow brand 100 and 50 Chinese pesticide fungicide. Allicin series of products in successive years to complete the company's total sales of more than 60 percent, and achieved good economic and social benefits.
Kaifeng earth Agrochemical Biological Co., Ltd. has a professional and efficient enterprise management, technology development and marketing team, and has a sound corporate management agencies, the implementation of general manager responsibility system. Company executives have a college education, professional structure is reasonable, the overall quality is higher. Company under the marketing center, service centers, operations centers, project research and development centers, production centers, the Ministry of Finance, the Division.
The company has invested more than 800 million in the company and the Henan Provincial Academy of Sciences Institute of Chemical Engineering to build their own R & D center, now has a small test and pilot research and development capabilities, small test building a standard measurement room, physical and chemical experimental laboratory, synthetic experiments Room, preparation laboratory, analytical laboratory. Kaifeng pilot base include: synthesis laboratory, preparation laboratory, analytical laboratory, pilot plant.
Company and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Advanced Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Organic Plants, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Plant Protection, Shenyang Chemical Research Institute, China Agricultural University and other scientific research institutes have perennial cooperation and cooperative relations, with strong technical support. The company's annual use of product development costs accounted for more than 5% of sales revenue, each year 3 to 5 new products listed.