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Common problems and treatment measures for citrus

Common problems and treatment measures for citrus

During the citrus production area for a few days, I saw that many citrus fruits (mainly ignorant fires, clear eyes, spring sees, etc.) have some common problems. The main symptoms include root growth necrosis, new leaf new shoot yellowing and Malformation, premature aging of trees, results in years of age (a year of high yields in the next year) and so on. These problems have seriously plagued citrus growers and affected their economic benefits.
New leaf new shoot deficiency symptoms: yellowing, whitening, small, twisted, falling leaves
Solution: Apply more compound fertilizers and organic fertilizers. It is necessary to supplement the micronutrients in the soil. It is not enough to supplement the trace elements in the roots. It must be supplemented by roots in autumn or spring, and supplemented with leaf surface supplements. Pay attention to distinguish the symptoms of deficiency: the effect of single nutrient is greatly reduced or even invalid! Don't expect obvious effect for ten days and eight days, you will know it after a year and a half.