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Rice false disease

With a song, please listen to me. The bells and drums are so expensive, I hope that the long drunk will not wake up. The ancient sages are lonely, but the drinkers leave their names. Haha, you didn't get it wrong, Li Bai, but today the village head Xiao Li does not want Li Bai to swear by Du Fu, only we are sick. Because there is a song, I suddenly remembered Li Bai’s grandfather, and remembered him with him. Is it also a bit of a feeling? Closer to home, rice smut, also known as false black disease, green black disease, green powder disease. The disease usually occurs in late rice. The incidence of japonica rice and japonica hybrid rice is higher than other varieties. When you listen to hybridization, do you think of foreigners? It is true that the disease is really released after the introduction of new varieties, so the foreign moons are not necessarily round. . Most of the rice is heading, the disease is affected during the flowering stage, and the panicle disease is formed. Due to the different varieties, climatic conditions and fertilizer and water management conditions, the degree of disease in the rice field is significantly different, which affects the yield. In some years, the disease occurs severely in individual varieties, and the serious incidence rate can reach more than 60%. There are 1~5 grains in each ear, and more than 20~30 grains can cause large yield loss. This disease belongs to fungal diseases, and it occurs in a good year of rice harvest. Farmers mistakenly believe that it is a sign of good harvest, so it has the common name of “harvest fruit”.
First, identification and occurrence
The pathogen encourages part of the encouragement of the rice ear, first revealing a small yellow-green small mass in the joint of the hull (that is, the outer layer of the rice), gradually expanding, and finally wrapping the whole hull, is it a bit like a balloon . The diseased valley is 3 to 4 times larger than the health valley. It is dark green or olive-colored, with a smooth surface and finally cracked. The balloon blows through the explosion. It is covered with dark green powder (the thick spores of the pathogen, the thick spores are a kind of fungus with the same thickness as the wall, the resistance is strong, the wall is as thick as the wall, the gun can not penetrate), the disease is cut, The center is white, and its periphery is divided into three layers, the outer layer is dark green or olive, the second layer is orange-yellow, and the third layer is light yellow. Just like peeling eggs, but you have seen the wood with olive-colored shells, and some tell Xiao Li, Xiao Li also went to long experience.
The infection cycle of rice false smut is more complicated. It seems that the specific experts are not clear now, it is estimated that a lot of dry food is wasted. There can only be a general, in general, perhaps to explain. Under normal circumstances, the pathogens are thick scorpion spores, which are thick-skinned spores attached to the surface of the seed or fall into the field for winter: the sclerotia falls in the field for winter: in the second year, the blister spores germinated to produce conidia, and the sclerotia germination produces The sub-seat forms the ascospores and ascospores. Anyway, it is just born and born. If the germs can plan to have a baby, then humans and plants will not have so many old and sick. Ascospores and conidia are in the booting stage of rice (mainly the breach is 6-10 days before the spikelet is released, that is, the pollen mother cell meiosis stage to pollen formation period) by airflow, rain, dew spread Into the leaf sheath invading the flower and young Ying, causing the onset of the grain. The source of infestation of rice false smut is mainly ascospores produced by sclerotia, and the conidia produced by thick-walled spores also play a major infestation. All of the above are nonsense, nonsense and not practical, if you don't hit the food, don't be surprised.
Second, the conditions of the disease.
Rice is too tender and lush at the late stage of growth, and it encounters rainfall and high temperature during flowering, which is conducive to the development of pathogens (the suitable temperature for pathogen growth is 26-28 degrees). It’s a terrible child. When I bloom, I don’t know how to rain. After being drenched, I am exposed to the sun and I am not sick. If the nitrogen fertilizer is applied too much, or the sky water falls too late, the leaves will remain thicker when the fire rice plant is close to maturity, and the disease is heavier. I said that the peasant uncle, you have so much nitrogen fertilizer, what is the money, there is no place to throw it, people are full, and people are still eating, will people be happy? Later, give the fertilizer to Xiao Li, Xiao Li to you I don’t feel happier when I’m in love with poetry. Also. The variety has a greater relationship with the severity of the disease.
Third, don't walk away, wonderful coming soon, prevention measures
1 Agricultural control
First of all, choose the varieties that are resistant to disease and high yield. The reason is Tianxia Avenue. No matter what disease is available, if you want to become an expert, you must cultivate the first article.
2 Avoid the disease field to keep seeds, and burn the diseased sorghum as soon as possible to avoid the spread of germs. This article does not hurt when standing and talking, but you can go to the simple plant protection students.
3 Strengthen the cultivation and management, pay attention to the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, prevent and delay the application of delayed application, and apply nitrogen fertilizer: carry out reasonable irrigation, enhance the disease resistance of rice, prevent lodging and reduce the incidence. This article is more practical, but it is also a general avenue. It must be remembered that it can be given to the people. He is going to vote for the five bodies that you admire, just like the rivers and rivers.
If you can't buy it, don't worry, come over and take a look. The most practical drug control is finally released. It is used for prevention and treatment about 6 days before the rice breaks. The medicine can be used: 70g of 15% Jinggangmycin A soluble powder per 666 square meters, or 6% Jinggang. Snake WP WP 80g, or 20% Jinggang. Wax bud suspension 100g, water 50 Kilogram spray. For the field that has been affected in previous years, you can choose 10~15 grams of sputum. Tebuconazole water dispersible granules. For water spray, the liquid is sprayed on the upper part of the plant. The agent used to control rice sheath blight can be used for the control of rice false disease, but the dose must be doubled. The principle of controlling rice false smut is to apply a layer of film to the ear to prevent the invasion of the bacteria. Because the part of the rice blast is sprayed in the upper part of the plant, the amount of water should not be large when using the medicine. Generally, the amount of water per mu is 40~50 kg, and it is used after dew and rain.