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The village head and Xiao Shenyang said that the rice rotten

The village head and Xiao Shenyang said that the rice rotten

"That night, I hurt..." The village chief Xiao Li sang, and squatted under the tree to see the ants. In addition to walking the dog, the village chief usually teases the sheep, blows the cows, and squats outside the mountains. He likes to watch the ants on the trees. The head of the village sighed hard at the trunk, and the busy ants were blown to the ground. The small ants move their tentacles and continue to work hard to climb the tree. The village head often blows N times in the morning, and of course the ants climb up N times. The village chief felt in his heart: "The ants are really persistent creatures.
The head of the village head, the village head, heard the voice and looked up, and saw the big mountain screaming and rushing; "It’s a big deal."
"What happened? Your old sow has lost."
Dashan wiped the sweat while opening the door: "Hey, seedlings, all dead, go see how it happened, not only our family, the quail egg family, but also the small Shenyang family."
The village chief realized the seriousness of the problem, patted the dust on his body, and finally flew a small ant against the trunk, and the field that came with the mountain.
The village head came to the Dashan family's field and pulled up the rice to observe it carefully. It was found that the rice seedlings and the young roots were rolled up, and some places turned yellow-brown: the diseased heavy roots rotted, and the young shoots turned brown or dead. Bottom bent into a hook shape. Also accompanied by "yellow dry" and black root phenomenon.
"Dashan, this is a physiological rotten sputum in your family. Rotten cockroaches are important diseases in rice seedlings. They are the general term for rice seeds, young buds and seedlings rot, including one leaf and one heart, rotten teeth and three leaves. The dead seedlings. The disease is not harmful."
"You can come to the village head. Come and see what happened to the family. It is not the same as the Dashan family. My eyes are closed, and I sleep. I will be ruined, um." Small Shenyang quilting Shouting village chief with small eyes and long distances shouted.
The village chief Xiao Li came to the small Shenyang field and found a small amount of milky white gum in the young shoots. Some of the seedlings grew white wool, and some had become muddy and brown, green. Some parts occur sporadically, and some parts spread around, causing serious death in pieces.
"Well, I said Shenyang, the village head, my eyes are closed, your rice has been rotted, and the bacteria have been lurking in the soil and water. After sowing, they will harm the seedlings and rely on them to continue to spread." The voice did not fall, "village head," a crisp and sweet voice sounded. "Come and see what happened in my home. You are optimistic. I will sing you the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau."
The quail egg took the village chief's hand and walked away. "Don't worry, I haven't finished it yet, hehe." Little Shenyang was squatting behind.
The village chief Xiao Li went to the quail egg field and observed it carefully. It was found that the base of the chaff and the seedlings of the seedlings produced a red-colored villi-like mold layer, the seedlings withered, the base rotted, and the roots were broken.
"Trick or treat, your Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is waiting for the disease to sing. Your family is a blight. The bacteria overwinter in the soil and plant residues, relying on airflow to attack the seedlings. Your home and the small Shenyang home It’s all caused by bacteria and good governance.”
"The village head, you said that our family has sprouted, and your family is good." Dashan is puzzled.
"I will tell you!" The village chief began to open. "The occurrence of rice rotten cockroaches has a great relationship with the environment. For example, the status and lack of oxygen make the seedlings grow weak and the resistance is poor, which is the main cause of rottenness. After the cold current, there are even rainy, low temperature, long-term irrigation by sloping water in the fields, or seedlings that are often flooded in low-lying areas, which are easy to cause rotten sputum, turn fine after low temperature, increase in temperature, facilitate the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, cotton rot, and blight Quickly expand. Little dolls, you usually have to learn a lot, you can't mess with problems."
"I said, it turned out to be like this, there is still no, um," Xiao Shenyang asked.
"Well, for example, the quality of the grain is poor. When germination, the temperature is too high, the bud is too long, the resistance is reduced, causing the seeding in the valley to be easily damaged, and it is uneven, often causing rot. Of course, this does not seem to play like this. The village head took out the lighter and took a cigarette and took a breath. Then he said: "The improper position of Putian is insufficient. The soil in Putian is too bad. When the soil is not properly prepared, it will be hard to make the grain deep in the mud, or 秧The plate is not flat, the water in the lower part hinders the respiration of the young shoots, and the higher seedlings are susceptible to frost and sunburn. In all cases, the seedlings may cause poor growth and cause rottenness.
"Is there still, there is still."
“Using unfertilized organic fertilizer, green manure ploughing too late, or using sewage to irrigate fertilizer, it is also easy to cause rotten sputum. In this case, combined with deep water irrigation for a long time, a lot of toxic substances can be produced in the soil, black roots. It’s serious.” The village chief spit out a cigarette and went with the wind. “And there are harmful organisms such as algae that multiply, hinder the growth of seedlings, red mites, red silkworms, = (rice larvae) and many other activities, hindering Seeds rooted or bar seeds in the deep-buried map, as well as the seedlings have won the spot, etc., can cause seedling death.
"You don't want to show off the knowledge of the village head, or quickly talk about how to cure the seedlings of your family." The quail can't wait to say that the little girl is a hot temper.
The head of the village spit out a cigarette: "The disease is more than cure, thorough, and understands that the rice is bad, mainly because the seedlings are weak, can not resist the bad weather or pathogens, or cultivate strong, Strengthening cultivation management and enhancing the ability of seedlings to resist disease is the main way to prevent rotten sputum."
"I will talk about preventive measures first. I choose to avoid the wind and the sun. The soil is good, the irrigation is convenient, and the fields with smooth fields are made into the fields. It is idealistic, and the sentiment is self-willed. The quality of the land in Putian is high, the land must be flat, and the land is properly prepared. At the same time, it is necessary to clean the fields, apply fully decomposed fertilizers, and avoid sewage dripping. These measures have a significant effect on preventing rotten cockroaches."
"Don't talk nonsense, say the topic is good, hehe." Xiao Shenyang said while buttoning his nostrils.
"Select seeds before sowing, and soak seeds and germination (80% of allicin emulsifiable oil 4000 ~ 5000 times soaking seeds for 2 ~ 3 days, good effect on cultivating strong sorghum) germination should not be too long, so as to avoid rot buds when encountering bad weather Sick attention to prevent burning buds. After the buds are rushed, spread them out for one day and one night to increase the ability to resist cold."
"I said the village head, what you said is that the old lady is wrapped in a foot cloth, and it is stinky and long. It is a waste of money to waste someone else’s life. Do you know?"
"Calm calm, don't worry!" The village chief looked at a few children scratching their heads and scratching their heads. It was a little drowsy and raised the volume: "And the cold-tailed warm heads that grab the cold current are sowed at the right time, so that there are 3 after the broadcast." ~5 sunny days, it is conducive to seedlings rooting green, while paying attention to seeding should not be too dense, to be even; after the sowing to carry out the valley, in order to facilitate the seedlings rooted, covered with a layer of grass ash, both warm and increase fertility, so that the seeds germinated neatly , emergence quickly, strong vitality, and enhance disease resistance."
"You can't be jealous, who do you think you are, Don Juan!" The young man of Dashan couldn't help himself.
"Fast, fast, strengthen the management of Putian water slurry, keep the seesaw moist after 7~10 days of sowing, promote rooting growth, and then run the horse water, the three-leaf stage logistics water irrigation. Rainy days drained, met the wind, thunderstorm Or low temperature cold wave, need to be irrigated and guarded. In addition, the double-season early rice that was planted early will be bred with plastic film, grab the season, raise the pupa early, prevent low temperature attack, and prevent the rotten sputum caused by low temperature."
"Can you tell me how to use the village chief? If you switch to someone else to live here for a long time, I will cut him to see the Buddha." The Northeastern chick has a hot temper.
"Well, talk about first-aid measures, the mountains of the mountains, the rotten simmers that have been irrigated in the fields for a long time, immediately drained and dried, so that the seed buds are in full contact with the sunlight and air, prompting the seedlings to take root quickly. The black roots of the stalks Use small water to dip, dilute the poison and promote the recovery of the seedlings. It will be fine."
The village head is also afraid of boring, and can only honestly confess from the wide,: "Like the eggs of your family, there are Shenyang home drops, to use medicine, drained before use, leaving a layer of water (0·5 to About 1 cm.) Like the cotton rot and moss in the Shenyang family, use 470 times of copper sulphate or anti-virus sputum, or 666 square meters of 15~25 kilograms of ash, and smash the eggs. Sodium sulfonate-soluble powder 1000 times solution, sprayed after 5 pm, and applied to the water 2 days later."
Here, the 18th bend of the mountain road, where the mountain road is nine consecutive, the field sounded a cheerful song. Melodious and bright.
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