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[Agricultural Plant Protection Article] Are you still worried about banana leaf spot disease?
1. Leaf spot: is a general term for various banana leaf spot diseases, including brown spot gray spot, black spot, black streak, coal grain disease and so on.
[Products] If you want to dry the disease, you can help!
It has strong preventive and therapeutic effects on common diseases and difficult diseases of various crops caused by fungi and bacteria. And can promote the growth of crops, roots and strong seedlings, and increase production and income
Allicin EC against cucumber bacterial angular leaf spot
Field trials showed that 32% oxazolone · allicin EC has a good control effect on cucumber bacterial keratosis. The field treatment dose is 3 to 4 times, the application interval is 7 & mdash; 8 days, for cucumber The control effect of keratosis is between 76% and 79%, and the duration of effect is more than 10 days. It is safe for the tested crops and has the effect of improving yield and quality.
[Agricultural Agrochemical Program] How can I control the cantaloupe bacterial leaf spot?
Long-term abuse of fertilizers and misuse of pesticides. The reduction of beneficial bacteria in the soil, causing the resistance of crops and soils to decline, occurs more severely every time after rainy days.
[Old drug new drug] - allicin
Allicin is a broad-spectrum and high-efficiency fungicide developed by China. The price is low, the quick-acting effect is good, and the bacteria can be quickly killed after the medicine is used. Not only can it inhibit fungal bacteria, but it can also stimulate the growth of crops. Although it is an old medicine, it will be wonderful if it is used well.
Application of allicin fungicide in agriculture
Among a wide variety of fungicide products, plant-derived fungicides have inherent advantages: high efficiency, pollution-free, in line with modern environmental and health requirements.
Hot and rainy weather, citrus moss needs to be vigilant! Don't let the fruit tree "hungry" die
In recent years, as the density of citrus cultivation has increased, the permeability of orchards has declined. In the late spring and early summer, the moderate temperature and rainy season, combined with the indiscriminate use of inferior foliar fertilizer, in some poorly ventilated orchards, it is often seen that the trunk, the leaves and even the ground are covered with a layer of "Green Sha" & mdash; & mdash; Moss disease is more common, and the old orchard is even more serious.
Allicin is a self-developed antibiotic = a derivative of allicin. It is an efficient and pollution-free broad-spectrum biomimetic fungicide with a wide spectrum of sterilization, mainly based on protection
Twelve major effects of silicon fertilizer
Silicon is an important nutrient element of plant body composition, and most plants contain silicon. The test showed that the production of 1000 kg of rice, the absorption of silicon dioxide in the aboveground part of rice reached 150 kg
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