Citrus common problems and treatment measures


Feb 11,2017



The main symptoms include root growth necrosis, yellowing and deformation of new leaves and tips, premature failure of the tree, small and large year (one year's harvest failure) and so on. These problems seriously troubled the citrus growers and affect their economic benefits.

New leaf new leaf deficiency symptoms: leaf yellowing, whitening, small, twisted, drop leaves.

Solution: apply more compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer is ineffective, must be supplemented with micro-nutrients in the soil, only the root system to supplement the trace elements is not possible, must be autumn or after the spring root supplementation is the main, slightly foliar supplementation. Note the distinction between deficiency symptoms: single nutrient effect is greatly reduced or even ineffective! Don't expect obvious results in ten days or eight days, do a year and a half will know.

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