The village chief and small Shen Yang Kan rice rotten seedlings


Apr 22,2015



"That night, I hurt ......" the village chief Xiaoli hummed a tune, squatting under the tree to watch the ants on. The village chief usually walks his dog, teases the sheep, brags about the cattle, kanshan outside, most love to see the ants on the tree. The mayor blew hard at the trunk of the tree and the busy ants were blown to the ground. The ants moved their tentacles and continued to climb up the tree. The mayor often blew down the tree more than once a morning, and of course the ants climbed up the tree the same way. The mayor's heart sighs: "Ants are really persistent creatures.

"The village chief, the village chief," the village chief heard the voice raised his head and saw Dasan panting and flying; "something big happened."

"What's wrong? Your old sow is lost again."

Dasan wiped his sweat while speaking: "Seedlings, seedlings, all dead, go see what's going on, not only our family's, Ya Dan's family, and Xiaoshen Yang's family is also rotten."

The village chief realized the seriousness of the problem, patted the dust on his body, and finally blew the small ants against the trunk of the tree and followed Dasan to the field.

The village chief came to the field of Dasan's family, pulled up the rice to observe carefully, found that the rice seedlings and young root launch tube rolled up, some places turned yellow-brown: the disease is heavy young root rot, young shoots turned brown withered or bent downward into a hook shape. It is also accompanied by "yellow blight" and black root phenomenon.

"Dasan ah, your family this is physiological rotten seedlings, rotten seedlings is an important disease of rice seedlings, rice seeds, young shoots and seedlings rotten general term, which includes a leaf a heart of rotten seeds, rotten teeth and three leaves of the dead seedlings. This disease is not a small danger."

"The village chief you can come, come and see what happened to my seedlings, not quite the same as the Dasan family, my eyes closed, open, sleep, the seedlings are rotten, hmm." Little Shen Yang squinted his small eyes and shouted at the village chief from afar.

The village chief, Xiao Li, came to Xiaoshenyang's field and found that a small amount of milky white gelatinous material had appeared on the young sprouting parts, some seedlings had grown white woolly material, and others had turned mud-colored and brown and green. Some parts occurred sporadically, while others spread in all directions and died in serious patches.

"Well, I said Shen Yang ah, the village head my eyes a closed, your rice has got sheep rot disease, the disease it would have latent in the soil and water life. After sowing, it harms the seedlings. And rely on them to continue to spread." Before the words were out of his mouth, "Village Chief," a clear, pleasant voice rang out. "Come and see what's going on in my field, you watch, I'll sing you the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau ha."

Yatou went up and took the village headman's hand and left, "Don't rush, not finished yet, hum." Little Shen Yang muttered in the back.

The village headman Xiao Li went to the Ya Egg field to observe carefully. Found the grain shell and the base of the seedling neck, producing a reddish fluffy mold layer, the seedlings withered, the base rotted, a plucking broke.

"Ya egg, your Qinghai-Tibetan plateau stay and wait for the disease to get well in singing it, your home is standing blight, the disease bacteria in the soil and plant residue overwintering, relying on airflow spread, infringing seedlings. Your family and Xiaoshen Yang's family are rotten seedlings caused by the disease, good treatment."

"Village chief, why do you think our seedlings are sick, but your family's are fine." Dasan did not understand.

"I will tell you ah!" The village chief began to kan open, "rice rotten seedlings occur with the environment has a greater relationship. For example, the status and lack of oxygen, so the seedlings grow weak, poor resistance, is the main cause of rotten seedlings, after a cold spell and a series of rains, low temperature, rice fields seepage irrigation for too long, or low-lying areas often flooded seedlings, are prone to cause rotten seedlings, after the low temperature turned sunny, the temperature rose, favorable to the reproduction of disease, sheep rot disease, vertical blight that is rapidly expanding. Little baby boy, usually you have to learn more, encounter problems in order not to mess."

"I said it, so that ah, then there is no more, well" Xiao Shen Yang grabbed asked

"En there are, for example, poor quality of grain seeds. Germination, the temperature is too high, the buds are too long, resistance is reduced, causing easy damage to the seeds sown in the valley, and scattered unevenly, often resulting in rot, of course this currently seems to be not so play." The village chief pulled out a lighter, lit a cigarette and took a drag and then said, "The location of the seedling field is inappropriate, inadequate care: the seedling field soil is too rotten, and the ground is not properly prepared, put aside hard, easy to make the grain seeds deep in the mud, or the seedling board is not flat, low water impedes the respiration of young shoots, higher seedlings are vulnerable to frost and sun damage, where the next variety, may cause poor growth of seedlings and cause rotten seedlings.

"Is there more, is there more."

"The use of unripe organic fertilizer, green manure stubble tillage too late, or use sewage irrigation as fertilizer, are also likely to cause rotten seedlings, this situation, coupled with deep water irrigation for too long, the soil can produce a large number of toxic substances, black roots are serious." The village chief exhaled a mouthful of smoke and went with the wind, "There are also harmful organisms such as algae proliferate, hindering the growth of seedlings, red earthworms, red silk worms, = (rice mosquito larvae) and so on a large number of activities, hindering the seeds to take root or bar seeds buried deep inside the figure, as well as seedlings got hoodia, etc., can cause the death of seedlings.

"Village chief you don't show off your knowledge, or hurry up and tell me how to cure my family's seedlings." The girl egg can't wait to say, the little girl is originally a fiery nature.

The village head did not slow to exhale a mouthful of smoke: "Disease prevention is greater than cure, speak thoroughly, understand the good, rice rotten seedlings, mainly because the seedlings are weak, can not resist the attack of external bad climate or disease, or cultivate strong seedlings, strengthen cultivation management, enhance seedling resistance to disease, is the main way to prevent rotten seedlings."

"I'll start with preventive measures here. It is more idealized to choose a field that is sheltered from the wind and sun, with good soil quality, convenient irrigation, and a flat field surface to do the seedling field, and having sentiment is capricious. The quality of the rice field preparation is high, the ground must be flat, proper after preparation, and set aside hard; at the same time, we should make the rice field clean, apply fully rotted fertilizer, and avoid sewage irrigation. These measures have a significant effect on preventing rotten seedlings."

"Don't say nonsense, say the right thing, okay, huh." Little Shen said while buttoning his nostrils.

"Select the seeds before sowing, and at the same time dip the seeds to germinate (80% ethyl alliin emulsifier 4000~5000 times to dip the seeds for 2~3 days, which is good for cultivating strong seedlings) germination should not be too long, so as not to encounter bad weather, easy to occur rotten buds; disease attention to prevent burning buds. After sprouting, spread out to dry for a day and night to increase cold resistance."

"I said the village chief ah, you speak of how is the old lady wrapped in cloth, and stink and long ah, waste of other people's lives is to seek money and kill, you know not? Hmph,"

"Calm down, calm down, take it easy!" The village head looked at several children scratching their heads, a little drowsy, raised the volume: "And ah grab the cold end of the cold stream warm head of the timely sowing, so that after sowing there are 3 to 5 sunny days, conducive to seedling roots now green, while paying attention to the sowing should not be too dense, to uniform; sowing after collapse of the grain, in order to facilitate the seedling roots, and then covered with a layer of grass ash, both to keep warm and increase fertility, so that the seeds The seeds germinate neatly, emerge quickly, live strongly, and enhance disease resistance."

"You can not nagging, who do you think you are ah, the monk ah!" Dasan, such a good natured young man, could not help himself.

"Soon, soon, strengthen the rice field water slurry management, 7~10 days after sowing to keep the seedling board wet, to promote root growth, later irrigation runner water, three leaf period logistics water diligent irrigation. Rainy day drainage fall dry, in case of high winds, thunderstorms or low temperature cold wave, need to irrigate to protect the seedlings. In addition early sown double season early rice with plastic film seedling, grab the season, early seedling to prevent low temperature invasion and prevent rotten seedlings due to low temperature."

"Village head can you quickly say something using the solution, if replaced by someone else here to swing live half a day, I would have cut him to see Buddha." Ya egg northeast chick fiery temper completely up.

"Well, talk about first aid measures, Dasan's field, long-term irrigation rice fields occur rotten seedlings, immediate drainage fall dry, so that the seeds young shoots and sunlight air full contact, prompting seedlings to quickly take root. The seedling field where black roots occur, use small water and diligent irrigation to dilute the poison and promote the seedlings back to health. It will be fine."

The village chief is also afraid of being cut, can only honestly confess from leniency,: "like your field, and Shenyang's family drops, to use the medicine, with the medicine before the drainage fall dry, leaving a layer of water (0-5 to 1 cm or so) like Shenyang's family occurrence of sheep rot and moss, with copper sulfate or alum 10,000 times solution, or 666 square meters of 15-25 kilograms of grass ash, right, Ya Egg family field standing blight, with 70% sodium trisulfate soluble powder 1000 times, spraying after 5 p.m., 2 days after the drug on the water."

The eighteen curves of the mountain road here, where the nine rings of the mountain road, the fields resounded with a cheerful song. Loud and clear.

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