Cucumber powdery mildew


Apr 21,2015



1.occurrence symptoms cucumber powdery mildew early, the lower leaves front or back appear white small powder spot, after expanding for round powder spot. Under suitable conditions, white powdery spots continue to expand, connected into a piece, become a large area of untidy white powder edge, and covered the entire leaf, like a long layer of white hair, so commonly known as the white problem. The late onset of the disease white hair into gray and white hair, the whole leaf was yellow-brown dry.

2. Control methods are as follows

2.1 Select disease-resistant varieties.

2.2 Seed disinfection: use 1% anti-kukunin suspension 20ml plus 10kg of water to dip the seeds for 1h to eradicate the powdery mildew bacteria on the seeds.

2.3 Cultivation management: ① Eliminate weeds and residual plants in the greenhouse to prevent parasitism; ② The bed soil can be disinfected with 50% carbendazim and other drugs first; ③ Cucumber seedlings should be watered as little as possible after planting to prevent growth. Control the amount of nitrogen fertilizer, pay attention to increase the application of phosphorus, potassium fertilizer. The amount of fertilizer can be increased during the melon stage, and timely spraying of foliar micronutrients to prevent premature plant failure and enhance the plant's resistance to disease. ④ Remove diseased plants or leaves in time.

2.4 Pharmacological control 70% methyltobucin wettable powder 1000 times, or 15% powder rust nin 1000-1500 times, or 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 500-800 times, every 7-10 d spray 1 time, even spray 2-3 times. (From: Zhejiang Agricultural Network)

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