Snail control methods in vegetable fields


Feb 11,2017



Prevention and treatment of vegetable field snails, can take a combination of measures. (1) Clean the field. Clear the ditches and moisture in time, remove stagnant water, remove weeds, ensure that the border surface is dry, and destroy the snail's habitat and egg-laying place. (2) Artificial trapping. Pile vegetable leaves and semi-dry weeds on the beds and trap snails that are concentrated on them in the morning. Snails perched on vegetable stems and leaves can also be caught artificially in the early morning on sunny days. (3) Sprinkle quicklime. After the soil surface of the vegetable bed is dry, sprinkle quicklime around it, using 5 to 10 kg per mu, the snail will lose water and die after getting lime. (4) Pharmaceutical control. Use 600-750 grams per mu of 6% polyalde-methylnaphthalene granules and scatter them evenly into the field in the evening.

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