Apr 22,2015

Rice strain disease

Sing a song with you, please listen to it for me. The bell and drums are not expensive, but I hope that long drunkenness does not wake up, the ancient sages are lonely, but there are drinkers to stay its name. Ha ha, you heard it right is Li Bai, but today the village chief Xiaoli not Kan Li Bai nor Kan Du Fu, only Kan Kan we Road Qu disease. Because there is a Qu word, suddenly remembered the old grandfather Li Bai, incidentally, to remember him, is not also seem us a little sentiment. Back to the topic, rice qu disease, also known as false black disease, green black disease, green powder disease and so on. This disease usually occurs on late rice, glutinous rice and hybrid japonica rice incidence is higher than other varieties, we hear the hybrid is not to think of foreigners, yes this disease is really the introduction of new varieties before the big release, so the foreign moon is not necessarily round Oh. Rice is mostly susceptible to the disease at the spike and flowering stage, forming a spike disease, and depending on the variety, climatic conditions and fertilizer management and other conditions, there are significant differences in the degree of incidence between rice fields, thus affecting the yield. In some years, the disease occurs severely on individual varieties, with a serious incidence of up to 60% or more, with 1~5 grains per spike, and up to 20~30 grains per spike resulting in large yield losses. This disease is a fungal disease, mostly occurring in good years of rice harvest, farmers mistakenly believe that it is a sign of a good year, so there is a "harvest fruit" commonly known.

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