The twelve roles of silica fertilizer

Silicon is an important nutrient in the composition of plant bodies, and most plants contain silicon in their bodies. Tests show that the production of 1000 kg of rice, the uptake of silicon dioxide in the above-ground part of rice reaches 150 kg, which exceeds the sum of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium absorbed by rice. From the ash of rice, wheat, barley, soybeans, lentils and fennel six crops, the nutrient elements silicon, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese oxides account for about 80% of the ash, of which silicon oxides account for 14.2%-61.4%. Silicon is listed by the international soil community as the fourth most important element after nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.  2. Silicon fertilizer can enhance photosynthesis and increase chlorophyll content, and the application of silicon fertilizer can

Biopesticides of ethyl alliin

Ethyl allicin is an antibiotic = derivative of allicin developed independently in China. It is a kind of high efficient and harmless broad-spectrum bionic fungicide, with a wide fungicidal spectrum, mainly with protective effect, and also with certain eradication effect and endosmosis. It has a strong inhibitory effect on the spore germination and mycelial growth of various pathogens.

【Old medicine new medicine】---Ethylenol

Ethyl allicin is a broad-spectrum high efficiency fungicide developed by our country. It has low price, good quick effect, and can kill germs quickly after using it. It can not only inhibit fungal bacteria, but also stimulate the growth of crops. Although it is an old medicine, it will produce miraculous effect when used well.

【Earth Agrochemical Solutions】How to control bacterial angular spot disease of cantaloupe?

Does this happen to your cantaloupe? A scar appears on the surface of the beautiful melon skin.  The long-term abuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Soil beneficial bacteria reduced, causing the crop and soil resistance to decline, every time after the rainy days occur more serious.  So what should be done to solve it?  After years of tracking and management, the group members of the cantaloupe research group have a complete set of systematic and perfect [Earth Agrochemical Program] for cantaloupe pest and disease control, for cantaloupe bacterial angular spot disease, the main [Earth Agrochemical Program

[Products] To dry out the spots quickly, Elicin will help!

The characteristics of allicin I. It has internal absorption and conduction, which can kill the fungus and bacteria ① The good internal absorption makes the fungicidal factor enter the crop body quickly and conduct up and down to each growing point of the crop quickly, so as to completely remove the invading germs; ② It has strong preventive and therapeutic effects on the common diseases and difficult diseases of various crops caused by fungus and bacteria. And can promote crop growth, healthy roots and strong seedlings, yield and income. Second, fast treatment, the spots dry quickly attached to the surface of the liquid is extremely resistant to rain, can be tenacious resistance to the invasion of foreign pathogens. It has been proved by farmers' experience for many years that it has good effect on the following bacterial and fungal diseases. ①"

【Earth Agrochemicals Plant Protection】Are you still suffering from banana "leaf spot disease"?

I. Understanding leaf spot disease 1. Leaf spot disease: It is the general name of various banana leaf spot diseases, including brown margin gray spot, black spot, black stripe disease, coal stripe disease and so on. 2. Pathogen: It is a kind of fungus belonging to the subphylum Hemiptera. High temperature and high humidity weather conditions, such as May to October is the peak incidence.
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