The twelve roles of silica fertilizer


Jun 22,2019



Silicon is an important nutrient in the composition of plant bodies, and most plants contain silicon in their bodies. Tests show that the production of 1000 kg of rice, the uptake of silicon dioxide in the above-ground part of rice reaches 150 kg, which exceeds the sum of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium absorbed by rice. From the ash of rice, wheat, barley, soybeans, lentils and fennel six crops, the nutrient elements silicon, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese oxides account for about 80% of the ash, of which silicon oxides account for 14.2%-61.4%. Silicon is ranked by the international soil community as the fourth most important element after nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

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2. Silicon fertilizer can enhance photosynthesis and increase chlorophyll content. The application of silicon fertilizer can silicify the epidermal cells, make the crop stems and leaves straight, reduce shade, facilitate adequate photosynthesis and provide sufficient carbohydrates required for crop growth, thus promoting crop growth and fruit expansion.

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3. Silicon fertilizer can enhance the mechanical strength of crop straw, improve the resistance to collapse by more than 80%, make the stalk straight, and facilitate dense planting.

4. Silica fertilizer can enhance the resistance of crops to pests and diseases, and can reduce or even eliminate pest and disease damage. After years of experiments and practical evidence: high concentrations of silicic acid on the germination of fungal spores and mycelial growth have a significant inhibitory effect, the crop absorption of silica, silicified cells can be formed in the plant, so that the stem and leaf surface cell wall thickened, the cuticle increased, forming a strong protective layer, so that insects are not easy to bite, the disease is difficult to invade. In addition, crops that have been fertilized with silica produce an odor that is repulsive to insects and keeps pests away from the crop. (In particular, it strengthens resistance to rice blast, stripe blight, white leaf blight, leaf spot, stem rot, botrytis, rust, powdery mildew, black spot, downy mildew, gray mold, anthracnose, blight, root rot, soft rot, and pests such as dicot borer, rice fly, aphid, cotton bollworm, borer, whitefly, and root nematode.)

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5. Silicon fertilizer can make the crop body aeration enhanced, can prevent root rot and premature failure, and has an important role in the prevention and control of rice root rot disease.

6. Silicon fertilizer can effectively inhibit the water transpiration of plant leaves, after the application of silicon fertilizer, the resulting siliconized cells can effectively regulate the opening and closing of leaf stomata, digging water transpiration, enhancing the crop's resistance to drought, cold, dry and hot wind and other resilience.

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7. Silicon fertilizer can enhance the pollen vigor of melon and fruit crops and improve the fruit set rate and fruitfulness.

8. Silicon fertilizer can reduce the fixation of phosphorus in the soil, activate the phosphorus in the soil, promote the absorption of phosphorus by the root system, and improve the utilization rate of phosphorus fertilizer.

9. It can well regulate the balanced absorption of different nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium by crops, strengthen the absorption and utilization of calcium and magnesium by plants, and inhibit the excessive absorption and poisoning of iron and manganese. It is called "plant regulating fertilizer".

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10. Silicon fertilizer is a health care fertilizer, can activate beneficial microorganisms, improve the soil, correct soil acidity, improve the soil salt base, promote the decomposition of organic fertilizers, inhibit soil pathogens and resist heavy crops (such as vegetable greenhouses planted continuously for more than 3 years, they will encounter the accumulation of soil-borne pathogens such as mold, which seriously affects the yield and quality of vegetables, and the application of silicon fertilizer will effectively prevent the survival and reproduction of mold.)

11. Silicon fertilizer can reduce or eliminate heavy metal pollution in the soil. The silicate ions contained in silicon fertilizer can chemically react with cadmium, mercury, lead and other heavy metals to form new silicate compounds that are not easily absorbed by plants and precipitated, and can oxidize cadmium, manganese and other heavy metals to reduce their solubility, thus inhibiting their absorption by crops and effectively preventing the pollution of heavy metals, thus reducing their pollution to the national The safety standard is set below.

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12. Silicon fertilizer is a quality fertilizer, which can obviously improve the quality of agricultural products, making it color, aroma, taste, shape, etc., so that the fruit coloring, fruit shape, high hardness, storage and transportation resistance, and can inhibit the occurrence and infestation of true, bacteria and mold, and extend the shelf life.

How to identify crop fungal, bacterial, viral, physiological diseases and drug damage?


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