【Old medicine new medicine】---Ethylenol


Jun 22,2019



Ethyl allicin is a broad-spectrum high efficiency fungicide developed by our country. It has low price, good quick effect, and can kill germs quickly after using it. It can not only inhibit fungal bacteria, but also stimulate the growth of crops. Although it is an old medicine, it will produce miraculous effect when used well.

1, control soil-borne diseases

Biopesticides of ethyl alliin

3% mefenoxam water + 80% ethyl alliin root irrigation, low cost, good effect.

2, treatment of downy mildew, epidemic disease

Biopesticides of ethyl alliin

50% enoylmorpholine water dispersible granules + 80% ethyl alliin, the early stage of the disease can quickly control downy mildew. The most obvious effect is that the mold layer is fast vegetative dry.

3, treatment of blight

Biopesticides of ethyl alliin

Mildew HCL + 80% ethyl alliin, irrigate the root, the effect is much better than using single agent.

4, Control leaf spot

Biopesticides of ethyl alliin

Triazole + 80% aceticin can increase the control effect by more than 40% after mixing.

Aceticin has a unique fungicidal mechanism and has no cross-resistance with other fungicides. Scientific and reasonable compounding can obviously expand the fungicidal spectrum, improve the quick-acting property and reduce the use amount. Compounding with insecticide can inhibit pest active enzymes, increase penetration performance, improve insecticidal activity and delay resistance generation.

Note: When compounding with allicin, make sure to pour allicin into water first and mix well before compounding with other agents. Because the acidity of allicin is relatively large, it must be neutralized first before compounding.

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