【Earth Agrochemical Solutions】How to control bacterial angular spot disease of cantaloupe?


Jun 22,2019



Is your cantaloupe experiencing any of the following.

Cracked stems

Biopesticides of ethyl alliin

Yellowing of leaves

Biopesticides of ethyl alliin

One such scar appears on the surface of the beautiful melon rind

Biopesticides of ethyl alliin

What is the root cause of the problem?

Long-term abuse of chemical fertilizers and indiscriminate use of pesticides. The reduction of beneficial soil bacteria causes a decrease in the resistance of the crop and soil, which occurs more severely every time after a rainy day.

Biopesticides of ethyl alliin

So how to solve it?

After years of tracking and management, the team members of the cantaloupe research group have a complete set of systematic and perfect [Earth Agrochemical Program] for the control of cantaloupe pests and diseases.

Properties of ethyl allicin

I. It has internal absorption and conduction, specifically kills fungi and bacteria

Biopesticides of ethyl alliin

①Good endosorption makes the fungicidal factor enter the crop quickly, and quickly conduct up and down to all growing points of the crop.

The fungicidal agent can be rapidly transferred up and down to all growing points of the crop to completely remove the invading pathogens;

② to fungi, bacteria caused by a variety of common crop diseases and difficult diseases have a strong preventive and therapeutic effect. It can also promote the growth of crops, strengthen the roots and seedlings, and increase the yield and income.

Biopesticides of ethyl alliin

Second, fast treatment, the spot dries quickly

The liquid attached to the surface is extremely resistant to rain and can tenaciously resist the invasion of foreign pathogens. It has been proved by farmers' experience for many years that it has good effect on the following kinds of bacterial and fungal diseases. Such as bacterial keratosis

Biopesticides of ethyl alliin

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