【Earth Agrochemicals Plant Protection】Are you still suffering from banana "leaf spot disease"?


Jun 22,2019



I. Understanding leaf spot disease

1. Leaf spot disease: It is the general name of various banana leaf spot diseases, including brown margin gray spot, black spot, black stripe disease, coal stripe disease and so on.

2. Pathogen: It is a kind of fungus belonging to the subphylum Hemiptera. High temperature and high humidity weather conditions, such as May to October is the peak incidence.


Why is it more and more difficult to control leaf spot disease in recent years?

1、The deterioration of the planting environment in the old banana area, more and more pathogens;

2、The chemical fertilizer is applied in favor of the soil, and the root system is unhealthy, so the resistance of banana to diseases is getting worse and worse;

3、The large amount and repeated use of triazole pesticides such as propiconazole have caused more and more resistance;

4、Diseases show the development trend of "syndrome".

Therefore, to better "leaf protection" and better control leaf spot disease, it is recommended to rotate the use of killing agents, and the integrated use of the combination of control formulas.

In addition, for the characteristics of "syndrome", we can combine broad-spectrum fungicides, such as "ethyl alliin" (an antibiotic derivative and triazole fungicide;


It is easy to control the disease spots and kill the airborne spores with its unique fumigation effect.

 III. Control methods and precautions

Generally speaking, new planted bananas should be fungicided and prevented from the appearance of large leaves; after the buds are set, we should start to clear the garden and fungicide the whole banana garden once.

In order to ensure that banana has enough healthy leaves during the fruiting period, it is especially important to keep the leaves for one to two months before the buds are drawn, so as to ensure that the leaves do not have serious leaf spot disease. From the use of drugs, we should pay attention to the curative plus protective.


Such as

1) Protective agent: Ethyl alliin, Riponcidar (50% pyrimethanil), Pao Ye Kang, Togindo, Shi Neng, Polymyxin, etc;

2) Therapeutic agent and protection: Ethyl alliin, 40% Phenoxymethoxazole, 40% Flusilazole, Nitroconazole, 25% Propiconazole, etc;

(Note: Avoid using triazole fungicides such as propiconazole and fluosilazole and acaricides containing machine oil, kynurenine, triadimefon and other acaricides during the bud and fruiting period (not bagged), avoid spraying fruits directly when applying, and spray water to wash fruits or shake off fruit bunches of water drops if sprayed accidentally)




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